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Initiative to Improve College Readiness and Persistence for Alaska Native Students

The Start

What started as a dissertation, turned into an initiative to support a change in college readiness for Alaska Native Students.

This webpage provides the tools to explore a high school college readiness model through a culturally proficient lens.


Self-Assessment- A tool for Alaska High Schools to assess and reflect on their practices for college readiness through a cultural proficiency lens.

Background Information- Rubric descriptions and more information to support a deeper understanding of the issues addressed in the assessment.

Field Stories- Shared stories from Alaska Native students and past students illustrating the issues addressed as well as stories from schools and educators finding ways to change.

Student Data Recommendations- Suggested students outcome data to collect to compliment the program data provided by the self-assessment.

Helpful Links & Research- Helpful links to further information, other efforts toward culturally proficient schools, and research supporting these efforts.


Using the Self-Assessment

The self-assessment is designed to be used by Alaskan High School staff. 


The assessment provides 18 statements arranged around three factors: Academic Readiness, Cultural Identity, and Navigation Skills.


Working through these statements can provide schools program assessment data on the cultural responsiveness of their college readiness model, however it is not simply about the data.  The statements and the additional information are designed to help educators through conversations to increase cultural awareness.

Contact Information

For further information on this initiative you may contact:

Janelle Vanasse 

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