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Student Data


Alaska Performance Eligibility

AlaskaCan 65 by 2025

Statewide data 


College Going  Rates- 


School Report Cards


College going & persistence rates from National Clearinghouse Data Reports 


Earned Dual Credit

Statewide data report

(Includes all types of courses)


ACT/ SAT School Reports

Provided annually to school

Accessible online


Internal tracking of students meeting Redefining Ready matrix or modified matrix (left)

Student Data is an essential component to school improvement.  

Schools are encouraged to use the results of the Becoming Aware Assessment as program data in the school improvement process.  

Schools should also use college readiness indicators to track progress toward the ultimate goal of college readiness and college persistence.  

Data sources listed that can provide school-wide information and comparison data for progress monitoring toward the goal.

In helping individual students plan and track their own readiness levels, I recommend using a matrix with options to demonstrate readiness.

Redefining Ready is a national initiative with a research-based list of indicator options.

The Alaska Performance Scholarship is an Alaska initiative to encourage a college and career readiness through standards for GPA, rigorous curriculum, and a test score.

I suggest a modified version of the Redefining Ready matrix to include the targets of the Alaska Performance Scholarship:

Academic Indicators:

GPA of 2.8 or higher and TWO of the following

  • Algebra 2 (A, B, or C)

  • Alaska Performance Curriculum

  • Dual Credit College English and/or Math (A, B, or C)

  • College Developmental/REmedial English and/or Math (A or B)

  • Advanced Placement Course (A, B, C)

  • Advanced Placement exam (3+) or International Baccalaureate exam (4+)

  • ACT composite of 21+ or SAT 1060+


Meet Standardized Testing Benchmarks

  • SAT Exam: Math (530)/ Reading & Writing (480)

  • ACT Exam: English (18)/ Reading (22)/ Science (23)/ Math (22)

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