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Early & Comprehensive Outreach

Our school includes early college awareness embedded into the school program.  Early awareness does not assume prior knowledge. It includes awareness of early preparation activities and expected courses to prepare for college and other post-secondary goals.

Not Yet

Little or no comprehensive counseling services in early grades. 


Our school has early counseling services to all students primarily focused on career exploration.

We Got This!

Our school systematically provides information in early grades about preparing for college including information about high school courses, college entrance exams and dual credit or summer bridge programs so that students may plan for these early.  Four year planning is done with each student beginning in 9th grade. Specific attention is provided to first generation students. 



The selection or deselection of college as a pathway starts well before high school.  Some schools rely on families to know and pursue these early opportunities, leaving out many Native families, particularly first-generation student families, who are not familiar with the school systems or unwritten rules of preferential access.

Field Story

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Links & Resources

Great College Guide!

The American Indian College Fund has may resources for preparing for college at

They have a Native Pathways Guidebook that can be downloaded or ordered.


See full resource list

Larimore and McClellan (2005) point out that many Alaska Native college seeking students need support in a great many navigation skills such as course selection, financial aid, study skills and more. “For many students from low-income, minority, or first-generation college backgrounds, the school counselor constitutes a major and sometimes, only source of information about college” (Bryan et al., 2015 p. 7).

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