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Avoid Projecting Our Own Values

Adults in our school avoid projecting our own values and college opinions onto students; instead, we are skilled in empowering students to know themselves and explore their options.  We serve to help students’ access and interpret the information they need about themselves and post-secondary opportunities to make informed decisions.

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Discussions about post-secondary planning are limited to the counseling department and/or students are put into courses and onto pathways with limited student input.  If students are asked, there is little effort to provide them with the background knowledge needed to make informed decisions. 


Adults talk to students about their academic goals yet tend to project their own ideas and beliefs onto students.  Adults share a lot of their own opinions grounded in their own cultural identity.  It is not uncommon to hear “you should” in teacher- student conversations. 

We Got This!

Data are routinely gathered and provided to a team that analyzes proportionality.  This is done for many opportunities and classes, not justjunior and senior prep courses.Process includes action plans for addressing any disproportionality and includes consistent monitoring. 



Educators are often expected to consider what they believe is best for a child.  It can be hard not to project our own values and beliefs when helping a student with their post-secondary plan.  This can lead to a student making post-secondary planning choices because they think “this is what I am supposed to do” rather than deeply exploring their own motivation, values, and support system.  Helping students explore what is truly meaningful to them may help them select a good-fit post-secondary option to start with as well as draw upon their own deep personal reasons for being there and how to access their support system 

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The American Indian College Fund has may resources for preparing for college at

They have a Native Pathways Guidebook that can be downloaded or ordered.


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